#1: How to Sail Across the Atlantic for Free with Leander Declercq

Have you ever sailed across the Atlantic? I didn’t, and I never realized that was something people do until Leander told me about it.

Now, more than a year after he first mentioned it to me, he actually did it. He sailed from the south of Portugal to Saint Martin. And that while for most of the trip he didn’t pay a single cent.

Quite impressive I’d say!

It turned out to be a journey with high highs and deep lows. From waves the size of houses and being so seasick he couldn’t move, to the tranquility without technology in between the deep blue for days on end.

Show Notes

In this podcast, we take the journey with Leander and we discover:

  • What the reason was he dreamed of crossing the Atlantic by boat
  • How he managed to arrange the trip (and how you can too)
  • The difficulties he experienced during the first part
  • How he experienced Marocco and its culture
  • How he managed to find a ride across the Atlantic for free at the Canary Islands
  • What being “disconnected” from the world did with him
  • His satisfaction with having realized this dream

And he shares a bunch of tips so you can engage in a trip like this as well!

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