#2: What to do with a Master’s Degree? A Deep Dive into Kickboxing with Merlijn Broersma

What would you do when you graduate your master’s degree Cum Laude?

I guess it wouldn’t be what Merlin did; get a part-time job and prepare for a kickbox fight.

A remarkable contrarian decision that is a signature behavior of Merlin. Well-thought, philosophical, intelligent, and always on the lookout to bend life to his image.

Where I traveled around the world to create life the way I wanted it to be, he did it at home.

Show Notes

In this episode of Strong Feet & High Philosophy, we dive deep into kickboxing, optimizing sports performance, focus, and visualization. We discuss:

  • How Corona affects Merlin’s kickboxing plans
  • How he got into kickboxing
  • What he does to optimize his sports performance between training moments
  • How he manages his time throughout the day
  • How binaural beats help him relax
  • How he uses visualization (and how you can try it yourself)
  • The importance of flexibility
  • What he eats to perform at his best
  • His weakness in kickboxing
  • His biggest fear in kickboxing

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