#3: How to Travel with Nothing, and Learn & Enjoy the Most with Flavio Santos

Have you ever traveled with an almost empty bank account? Or with no money at all?

Flavio did both of these. Not because he wanted it, but because it happened.

This podcast is a great story of transformation. Of being forced into situations he never wanted to be in. But to come out stronger, smarter, and more resilient.

I love to hear Flavio talk about his adventures in South-East Asia, even after hearing them multiple times already, I always hear something new.

Show Notes

In this podcast we discuss:

  • How Flavio never really traveled and decided to go backpacking by himself
  • How he prepared for his trip
  • What gave him the idea to volunteer
  • How he traveled before Indonesia
  • What living with an Indonesian family was like
  • What changed his entire trip on Bali
  • How he dealt with losing his money
  • How he prepared for the second part of his trip
  • What he learned while traveling
  • How looking for exchange while traveling provides many unique experiences

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