#4: How to Start a Business, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Marketing with Jorick Sikkes

An interest in high school turned into an experiment turned into a sustainable business.

At the age of 17 Jorick discovered he liked building websites. He started experimenting and got his first job from a local hairdresser.

At that time, social media wasn’t that prominent. So before he knew it he was calling more hairdressers to see if he could build a website for them.

I barely dared to talk to adults at the age of 17. Safe to say that cold calling a hairdresser was out of the question.

I find it inspiring how Jorick started with nothing and managed to turn this idea into a sustainable business at the age of 24. And now, already looking at the next step, to start a marketing agency with 2 partners.

When I think of Jorick, I think of someone that’s super experimental, data-driven, and always looking to grow. Both on a professional and on a personal level. Great ingredients for an amazing podcast.

Show Notes

In this podcast we discuss:

  • How Jorick started his business
  • How he got his first clients
  • How he experimented while he studied
  • What he does as a digital marketing expert
  • The different social media platforms
  • Digital Marketing of tomorrow
  • How to use LinkedIn to gather leads
  • How I can gather more leads with my target audience
  • An amazing tip for all starting entrepreneurs

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